Refund/Cancellations.  ( standard orders / non bespoke ) If you are not happy with your item, we need to know this within five days of you receiving your goods, if for any reason you decide your item is not really for you or that it’s not what you thought to be, you are responsible for sending item back to us, where upon safe return you will be refunded your money, except for your return p+p costs.  If your item has been damaged during transit, again we need to know asap, where if you require we will arrange a courier to pick up and return item to us, where you will be sent a replacement. Period Oak Beams has no set cancellation policy as the majority of orders are bespoke,  however if you need to cancel your order for any reason we will accommodate where possible.

Please note, on the issue of refunds on bespoke orders,  we do not offer refunds on bespoke orders, in the case that you decide you do not like the item, or that for any reason, it is just now not for you, or you discover you have ordered the wrong item.  If we are at fault, then this is different.

All orders must be paid for in full, before they leave our premises, whether this is via items being dispatched or being collected in person.  As we are predominately an internet based business, we would prefer not to take cash as payment, any cash payments will have to be pre-agreed with us before you turn up to collect your item.  Please note you may incur delays receiving your item if you delay in final balance payments, we will not ship, until item is fully paid for.

Please be aware that you, yourself are making your own risk assessment when it comes to bespoke orders.  We have an open policy as we all make mistakes and no one is perfect, but as a company we can not just refund money on bespoke orders because you have changed your mind.  This does not apply to standard items like fireplace mantles, Floating shelves or items in our online shop.

In terms of fitting the items, please remember we are a supplier only, it is down to the purchaser or person fitting the item to make sure it is fitted safely and correctly, in the example of fitting RSJ covers, the person fitting is accepting responsibility for fitting and must therefore have the experience and knowledge within the building industry.