Kiln Dried Boards.

We, as standard stock and use QB1 grade kiln dried boards, these are a more “character grade” type board, you should expect some form of inconsistent grain pattern, white sap wood, knots of varying size, and in the case of the “live waney edged ” boards, they may be some historic bore holes from wood worm.  This should not be an issue, the kiln drying process acts as a steriliser and kills any insects within the wood, this is not something we can do much about when requesting live waney edge boards.   Above all else, the purpose of what we supply is for “character”,  albeit natural or man made, these natural defects are part of having the oak we use.   PLEASE BARE THIS IN MIND WHEN PLACING AN ORDER.

Air Dried Beams/Boards. 

We use structural grade oak beams as standard for all our projects, the beams we stock are mainly French with some British as well.  All the beams have been air drying for a minimum of 3 years.

The beams will display character in the forms of splits and cracks, this happens as the beams dry out. If we find any bore holes within the air dried beams, we always spray the oak with an anti-infestation product.  Please feel free to ask any questions relating to the natural defects that you may find in the product.

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