We have the facility to also offer solid oak table tops and complete tables in either air dried or kiln dried oak.   “So whats the difference in building tables in air dried or kiln dried oak”.

Pro’s of air dried oak.   Air dried oak has lots of character, as the beams dry out they will develop splits , shakes and weather marks, they have character that you just can not try to recreate with kiln dried boards.   Con’s of air dried oak.  The oak that is used comes from beams that are a minimum 5 year air dried, usually between 5-10 year air dried beams, although the bulk of the movement has happened, you will have to allow for some initial settlement as the oak acclimatises to your home, this may result in gaps opening up here and there as the oak fully dries out.

Pro’s of kiln dried oak.  Kiln dried character grade boards are used for this type of project, the beauty of using kiln dried boards is that you will not get any movement, as the boards have been kiln dried to a moister content of 8-12%, so they are as dry as they will ever need to be.   Con’s of kiln dried oak.   Although the boards are character grade, they will never have the natural character of air dried beam oak, you just can not recreate this.

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