Whatever the need/size you require for your project, there is very little we cannot help you with, all our products are tailored to suit your project as everybody’s requirements are different, we make beams from tiny 3ft long decorative pieces to large inglenook giants of over 3mtrs long and 8” square. Our methods are flexible which allows us to create a large variety of styles and features, which are tailored to you  “the customer’s” designs or requirements. Through a range of processes, different tones and textures can be achieved, allowing us to cater for any needs, from the traditionally worn and rustic to the sleek and modern. Each beam, board, door or whatever your order may be is worked on using a combination of modern and traditional methods, from powerful belt sanders to vintage hand tools.

Beam finishing.

Each beam is finished off by being hand waxed with using a combination of different polishes, shades range from a clear bees wax through to a dark jacobean, these are buffed to give a warm glow which enhances the beauty and character of each piece, we also use a combination of a danish oil to add to our category of shades,  and a very good quality hard wax oil by treatex, this is a natural/clear very hard wearing oil that is specifically designed for hard wearing area’s such as floors and doors and is waterproof so if you have a beam that you know will receive cups/glasses etc you can be safe in the knowledge that you can wipe off any moisture or glass rings, finishes come in natural matt, satin, gloss or a clear finish in matt or satin, the clear finish does leave a warm honey tinge the same as Danish oil.  or your beam can simply be left natural for you to finish off at a later date, you tell us how you want your oak finishing and we’ll do our best to meet your needs, our beams can be tailored to suit contemporary as well as traditional homes. We use a local bees wax polish for our clear neutral beams, the beeswax is supplied by local bees via Cambridge Traditional Products..

Don’t forget, as stated on our products page you can purchase a tin of wax to go with your order. Prices from £13.99 incl p+p.

We can upon request have your beam sand blasted as well, this really helps to bring in some depth to the grain, this process is done by a specialist local company, please feel free to enquire.

Your beam edge finish can range from PSE/PAR,  (planed straight edge or planed all round), to having the edges slightly adze’d to detract from the square edges of the beam, to having a heavy adze’d finish which will help give the appearance of a reclaimed characterful piece, this is done using traditional hand tools and techniques. For the ultimate in the reclaimed look you can have your beam adze’d or scalloped on the main body as well as the edges,this will give a pitted and worn look to the oak, helping to create that reclaimed feel.

Oak Treatment.

We also offer the opportunity for you to have your beam or boards treated for anti-infestation, this helps protect the timber but also gives piece of mind when installing oak into your property, the cost for this treatment is £5 per beam.

This beam has a hand scalloped rustic finish to imitate a reclaimed beam.

This means we can imitate through carving the edges of beam and main body a reclaimed looking beam to any size and shape with out the hassle of trying to locate a reclaimed piece.









This beam has a light/medium edge adzing or scalloping to give some character.

This is our main bread and butter beam, that is natural in general characteristics, but with just lightly scalloped edges to add edge character and detract from the square edges of the beam it self.








An example of a beam with a light rounded edge finish.

Beams or shelves can also have a round or even bevelled edges machined onto them, this is usually more common with modern contemporary homes.









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1. Privacy Policy – “We do not store credit card details nor do we share customer details with any 3rd parties”

2. We usually work to a ten working day despatch time,but this can sometimes be longer during busier periods,we will always notify of any changes that may occur and affect a delivery deadline.  We use a combination of trusted national couriers,and local hauliers for our deliveries.  Couriers being mainly U.P.S and TNT,with our local haulier having contracts with Pallet express for our larger items.


3. Refund/Cancellations.  If for any reason you are not happy with your item,we need to know this within seven days of you receiving your goods, if for any reason you decide your item is not really for you or that it’s not what you thought to be,you are responsible for sending item back to us, where upon safe return you will be refunded your money, except for all p+p costs.  If your item has been damaged during transit,again we need to know asap,where if you require we will arrange a courier to pick up and return item to us, where you will be sent a replacement. Period Oak Beams has no set cancellation policy as the majority of orders are bespoke,  however if you need to cancel your order for any reason we will  accomodate where possible.

Deliveries.Once beam has been dispatched it is the responsibilitie of the you the receiver to take delivery, if you or a friend/family member/neighbour etc can not be there to take delivery, you can if you feel comfortable leave a signed note for courier, stating where to leave item. If you live in a very remote area please supply a postcode so we can accurately quote a delivery charge, for example PH36 are in Scotland.

Timed deliveries are available on certain products, depending on size/weight of item, please feel free to ask for details.

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