Here at Period Oak we can supply you with rough sawn oak beams to order.   Our prices start from £45 per cubic ft. Our Beams start from sizes including

150mmx 150mm  right up to 450 mm square , these beams are supplied in there rough sawn state only,  unless specified otherwise.

All our air dried beams come from either France or the UK , there are very high quality air dried beams that have been allowed to dry out for minimum 3 years, most are 5 – 10 year plus.

So why air dried oak beams?.   The oak is allowed to dry out when it is cut from the log in the sawmills, majority of the twisting , shrinking, will be done in the time the beams are allowed to dry out, these are usually classed as semi-seasoned beams,  officially with oak its 1 years drying out time for every inch of thickness.  The beams will develop cracks/splits and surface shakes as they dry out in the open air, the beams are allowed to weather to the elements, this is something that can not be replicated with the kiln dried boards, basically with air dried oak you are paying for the investment the sawmills have to make in drying out the beams for several years.

What to expect with air dried oak beams.   There will be alot more character than what can be supplied with kiln dried boards.  Splits/cracks/ surface shakes and knots of varying sizes.

Will there be any future movement.  Its hard to say, as oak is a natural product, we can not pin down every single piece with an answer, some pieces will never mover at all, some will move slowly over time, this can all depend on the heat within your home as the oak acclimatises.  Please remember you are purchasing a natural product.

What services can we provide with your beam. We can on request, plane/sand the beams, to give the finished look, we can hand carve the edges to remove the squareness and add character to the piece.  We can also on request wax/oil the beams to complete the piece on arrival to you.

Please feel free to get in touch with you requirements.  01733 840968.  or email

Majority of beams will be dispatched via pallet lorry, unless you are within our local area.