Oak RSJ Cover Beam

We use two methods to create the beam covers. The first being hollowed out air dried oak beams,  these are a great and easy way to cover up any RSJ’S albeit steel or concrete, you don’t even need to have an RSJ to cover, you can simply use these to clad a brick wall to add instant character to your room, giving the impression that it is in fact an oak beam.

Hollowed out oak beams.

The first method is to hollow out air dried beams, which essentially is a close to the real thing as you will get, we use a combination of chainsaws and hand tools to remove the material from the beam, it works like this, you have to leave roughly 35- 40mm of material give or take, all the way around the beam for structural integrity, as with all air dried products the cracks that form, as the beams slowly dry out can be quite deep.  So for example if you have an RSJ that is 200mm wide x 150mm deep, you will need an oak beam with external measurements that are 280mm wide x 190mm deep, that is 40mm for each side cheek and 40mm for the underside, obviously we can tailor this as it will vary from job to job. Hollowed out beams can be supplied up to 8mtrs long in one single piece.

RSJ covers made from kiln dried oak boards. ( Box beams )

We use character grade kiln grade boards which are jointed together, to form the covers and can use when requested, various methods to distress the boards to help the ageing effect, these boards finish at 20mm thick.  By using a special method of jointing and specific glues for the task, we able to achieve a more or less invisible joint line, this make the kiln dried board encasement look like a solid piece, we then hand carve the underside edges of the cover, and can even if requested hand scrape the main faces all over to add a pitted worn look, it can then be finished with a wire brush treatment, which helps to lift out the grain and add to the worn character look that you may be after.

For either style of cover we can supply in either the U shape ( 3 sided ) or in an L shape ( 2 sided ), the L shape styles are popular for above window and door areas, these are an ideal way of adding instant character to your room with out having the hassle and mess of knocking out brick/stonework to insert a solid beam.

Pricing guide.

Price guide for RSJ covers made from kiln dried boards, start at £38 per running ft, this is for a cover that has internal dimensions of 150mm x 150mm , so a cover that is say 3mtrs long will start at £376, plus delivery and vat. This will depend slightly on the initial length of boards we have to make your order from.

Price guide for Hollowed out beams . PLEASE CLICK HERE TO SEE OUR BEAM CALCULATOR .  All prices are subject VAT.

Upon request we can also distress the main face of your covers by wire brushing the surface of the oak, this helps give depth to the grain and add an aged look, which is ideal for period or listed properties.

Fixing method.

Fixing method. The only real way to fit either style of cover, is to screw through the side face into what ever material you have underneath, albeit it a timber noggin, or brickwork, you then fill the screw hole with an oak plug, of which we supply as standard with all types of cover.  All hollowed out beams are supplied with heavy duty fixings , oak dowel to fill the screw holes.  Please note: For fixing Hollowed Out Beams, we would recommend having a complete length of timber bolted to your RSJ and not just noggins wedged into place.  All methods of fixing should be carried out by competent or skilled trades. 

Hollowed out beam or kiln dried boards! which is best?.   There are pro’s and cons for either style, the kiln dried board version will not move or need to acclimatize to your home as the oak boards are kiln dried to a moisture content of 8-12% so they are as dry as they will ever need to be. The down side is they will not have anywhere near as much natural character as the air dried beams although these boards are character grade, they are still meant for internal joinery, so can be quite plain in terms of character.   Hollowed out beams are taken from 3-5 year, ( sometimes older ) air dried beams , these are as close to the real thing as you can get, and have all the character you will need, the downside to this is that although they are mostly dried out, there may be some movement during the beams acclimatisation into your home.  Please see image in our ” Gallery ” page for diagram of fitting.  PLEASE NOTE, THE HOLLOWED OUT BEAMS WILL NEED TO BE FITTED WITHIN 1-2 WEEKS OF RECEIVING, THE RSJ OF WHICH THE HOLLOW BEAM ENCASES, HELPS SUPPORT THE OAK FROM MOVING TOO MUCH. PLEASE BE AWARE WHEN PLANNING THIS.

For kiln dried RSJ covers over 4mtrs long. ( THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE HOLLOWED OUT BEAMS )  Rsj covers made from kiln dried boards, can only be supplied in 1 section up to 4mtrs long, after this they will be supplied in 2 sections. We can then can supply either an oak or cast iron joint cover bracket, this masks the point where the 2 sections meet, all brackets are supplied pre-drilled and come with hand forged rose head nails, for real character.  For any enquiry regarding our beam covers please contact us on 01733 840968. FOR INFO ON PALLET DELIVERIES, PLEASE SEE OUR FAQ’S/DELIVERIES PAGE FOR FULL TERMS.

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