Oak Ledged Doors

We also make ledged and ledged/braced doors at Period Oak, using between 4-6 planks per door, depending on the door size , the boards we use are character grade kiln dried and are planed to 20-22mm thick with 20-22mm thick ledges on the rear giving a total thickness of 40-44mm, at the point where ledges are.  You can choose varying ways of styling your door to match your home from having a v-groove on the front and rear face or a traditional cock bead on the front face with a hand planed v-groove on the rear, or even boards just butted together to give a really old look.

The ledges can also be tailored to suit your needs from having square edged, rounded, scalloped or “adzed” to having them chamfered, in the same way in which we age our beams we are able to do the same to the doors by hand planing and scalloping the boards to give a pitted uneven look and feel and finish off with some nice hand cut nails, this means we can tailor a door to fit in most homes from new build or ancient cottages to barn conversions and even a contemporary home.

Rarely do old properties have standard size openings and most of the doors we make are bespoke sizes, but we also cater for standard openings as well, please feel free to contact us for a free quote.

History of ledged oak doors

People often make the mistake of assuming doors were always ledged and braced, but the diagonal bracing was not properly introduced until WW1 when there was suddenly a shortage of good quality timber, prior to this doors were mainly just ledged, hence the reason for diagonal bracing to help keep the door construction square, these days with good quality thick timber this is not needed and the diagonal bracing is purely aesthetic.

We can deliver doors personally within the Cambridgeshire, Lincolnshire and Norfolk area, Please ask for a delivery price.

We also arrange pallet delivery across the U.K, so no matter where your located we can supply.  The average pallet delivery price for E.g , a pallet of say 10 doors is around £90 plus vat. This the safest way to transport these items.  Please see our FAQ’S page for full terms regarding pallet deliveries.

Door prices.  All prices are plus VAT.

Ledged doors from £199.99

Ledged/braced doors from £209.99

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