Oak Beams

Period oak’s beams come from sustainable managed forests in the UK and Europe, where they are air dried for around 5 years +, so they are nice and dry stable beams, ready to be fitted into your home. Oak joinery has for many years been quintessentially part of the British home and our oak beams form the centre piece of any room. We supply all types of beams, from rough stock supply only, through to the finished article, being a beautiful fireplace mantle beam or surround.  All our fireplace floating beams and shelves can be sold with floating brackets, we machine holes into the rear of each beam ready to take the brackets supplied. ( please see our ” fixing your floating beam” page for more details ). THIS IS LOCATED IN THE ” SERVICES ” DROP DOWN BOX.  

Our methods are flexible which allows us to create a large variety of styles and features, which are tailored to you  “the customer’s” designs or requirements. Through a range of processes, different tones and textures can be achieved, allowing us to cater for any needs, from the traditionally worn and rustic to the sleek and modern.

All Air dried beams develop there own unique character as they dry out, in the form of surface cracks and shakes, some beams will develop a slight twist, although hardly noticeable, and each beam will vary in degrees of character and natural shade, this is all part of the beauty in any natural product like oak, each beam, if need be can be supplied with holes machined into rear face to take a floating bracket system,  of which we can supply with your beam.

Fireplace Beam prices vary (obviously), but for example the most popular size is a beam that is 6″ or 150mm square, these beams start at £27 per linear ft, so a typical 6″ square beam at 4ft long will cost £108.00, including wax/oil finish.  Floating bracket systems are available from £13.00. All prices are plus vat. PLEASE SEE OUR ” FIXING YOUR FLOATING BEAM” PAGE,  UNDER THE “SERVICES” DROP DOWN BOX.

Typical P+P for a 4ft long, 150mm square beam is £19.99 plus vat. obviously prices will vary, this depends on weight and length of the item.

Majority of our 150mm square ( or 6″ x 6″ ) beams are French, these beams are the most popular form and even the French who farm more oak than anyone else in the world struggle to keep up with the demand for this dimension of beam, the rest of our oak is usually British.  Please contact us to discuss any size of beam you may need. 01733 840968.

Below is a general price guide to give you an idea what our beams cost.

6″x6″ beam from £27 per linear ft.

6″x4″beam from £25.00 per linear ft.

8″x6″ beam from £40 per linear ft.

8″x8″ beam from £45 per linear ft.            All prices are subject to VAT.

We also produce decorative corbels to compliment your beam, they are  available from £35 a pair. All prices subject to VAT.

For wax shade finishes, please use the products drop down box and click on wax shades for your beam, shelves etc.

Our beams can be given a variety of finishes, from having the edges slightly rounded by machine and given a light coloured wax for a contemporary feel to being scalloped by hand not just on the edges but on the main body of the beam as well ,this with a dark wax finish will sit comfortably in the oldest and most characterful of homes. Please feel free to get in touch to discuss any ideas you have, or alternatively follow us on Facebook / Instagram.


You are welcome to come and visit the workshop by appointment or to collect your order, we are located 15 miles east of Peterborough, Cambridgeshire. Tel 01733 840968. to make an appointment.


Please remember  when choosing an oak beam, to allow for any acclimatisation that will take place during the oak’s settlement period in your home, especially with central heating and fireplace’s, this may or may not take the form of some surface cracks, this will in no way affect the integrity of your beam, only enhance the character and beauty of such a natural product. Please see our FAQ’S page via the “fixing your floating beam” page, for further info.

A clear bees waxed facia beam

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