Fixing Your Floating Beam

The main method for fixing a floating beam,  is via a steel rod bracket that slides into a pre-machined hole in the rear of the beam. It requires a small amount of DIY skills and tools, PLEASE BE AWARE , THE BRACKETS ARE ONLY AS GOOD AS THE WALL THEY ARE FIXED TOO, IF IN DOUBT CONSULT A BUILDER/CARPENTER TO INSTALL FOR YOU.

As a guide for people we recommend that a beam at 6×6 and 4-4.1/2ft long is the max weight for a floating beam, using the conventional Hafele floating bracket ( pictured below).

Hafele fixing kits and touch up pots of wax are priced at £13.00, this is for 3 x Hafele floating brackets, plus a pot of touch up wax/oil.

There is an alternative to this in the form of steel threaded rod, this is fixed into the wall by very strong epoxy resins, and take weights greater than the generic floating brackets, please see image below for example.

Heavy duty fixing kits and touch up pots of wax/oil are priced at £20.00, this is for 3 x pieces of steel rod, 1 tube of mortar resin, and 1 touch up pot of wax/oil.

Either style of bracket system comes with a fitting guide.  All prices are plus vat.

Please feel free to ask us for advice on this when calling or emailing to order your beam. 01733 840968.

Floating Shelf Bracket
Floating Shelf Bracket
Threaded Rod Beam Fixing System
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