We can supply cast iron joint straps for your kiln dried RSJ cover, this is needed when a kiln dried box beam is longer than 4mtrs,  so for example you need a cover at 4.1mtr long, we will supply the box beam in 2 sections of 2.050mtrs long.  We then supply the joint strap, this masks the point where the 2 sections meet, it also helps to give a very “authentic rustic feel”.

The straps are supplied pre- drilled and come with hand forged rose head nails to attach to your box beam.

We can supply these weather your cover is over 4mtrs long or not, if you feel you want one of the straps to add to the character of your room, then thats fine, just ask

We can supply these to either style of RSJ cover, kiln dried or Hollowed out air dried beam, its up to you..

The straps are not made by ourselves, but by a blacksmith in somerset. prices for these start at £50 plus vat, these will cover you for a box beam at 150mm square externally.

The widths generally come at 50mm wide x 2mm thick, but we can tailor this to your needs if you need something out of the ordinary.  Please feel free to ask. 01733 840968